Transport – Live at Kraak Festival

Cassette and digital| Releases May 3rda3742563403_10
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There is still big parts of unknown territory to be unveiled in the so-called Kraut Rock genre. Transport dedicates themselves to reviving and exploring those undiscovered realms. The collective is a free wheeling monster in Motorik Beats, psychedelic electronics and afrobeat bass grooves. Would you ever refuse a highly crafted coctail of Neu! and Can, spiced up with some Ralf & Florian and the best that current psychotropic music offers? Transport is a trio made out of notorious names like Vomit Heat, Tesk and Niklas Wandt.

At Kraak Festival 2018 Transport played one of their best concerts ever. Luckily there is a documentation of this intoxicating evening. On the 3rd of May ‘Live at Kraak Festival’ will be released digitally and on cassette.