Spemakh – Nonzigo

LP and digital| Releases November 29tha3742563403_10
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Spemakh is a surprisemusic-group from Germany. Using a wide range of homemade and custombuilt wind- and percussioninstruments, aswell as viola, doublebass, voice-noise, guitar, objects and miniature-electronics, the band is aiming for a radical play with uncertainty, involving humour, gesture and collective surprise.

Sisto Rossi – My Dungeon My Rules

Cassette and digital| Releases July 26tha3742563403_10
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Sisto Rossi might became the keystone of the post industrial experimental/noise scene of the Ruhr Area. Originally from Tampa, Florida he appeared in western Germany around 2001, with plenty of energetic and creative live performances under several aliases. Also involved in label and concert activities during all this years, he is one of a kind in the so called Ruhr Area ever since. His work is focused on the research for sounds from gear, which he is also building by himself, and the possibilities of body experience through sound and room. As a result, Sisto creates a diverse universe of performances, depicting his personal physical reactions and thoughts about material and environment with his music.

On My Dungeon My Rules, recorded during 2018, Sisto makes use of different styles, moods and sound sources. A whole album related to his past and present. Its telling a story and like its Sistos kind of thing, its obviously a horror story. The title says everything.

Transport – Live at Kraak Festival

Cassette and digital| Releases May 3rda3742563403_10
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There is still big parts of unknown territory to be unveiled in the so-called Kraut Rock genre. Transport dedicates themselves to reviving and exploring those undiscovered realms. The collective is a free wheeling monster in Motorik Beats, psychedelic electronics and afrobeat bass grooves. Would you ever refuse a highly crafted coctail of Neu! and Can, spiced up with some Ralf & Florian and the best that current psychotropic music offers? Transport is a trio made out of notorious names like Vomit Heat, Tesk and Niklas Wandt.

At Kraak Festival 2018 Transport played one of their best concerts ever. Luckily there is a documentation of this intoxicating evening. On the 3rd of May ‘Live at Kraak Festival’ will be released digitally and on cassette.